Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Modern TV has progressed so much over the past decades, and we finally have the glorious ability to skip commercials. Thank you DVR! But if you are like me and are digging pennies out of the floor vents to pay bills, the majestic DVR is a luxury we cannot afford. Thus forcing us to sit through countless hours of obnoxious attorneys screaming at us to "Call Now," or "No credit, No Problem," car ads. I am a proud user of the "mute method," the process of muting commercials as soon as they start. But unfortunately muting them doesn't make them go away any quicker. I'd rather listen to National Weather Service test sirens over and over than to get stupid jingles stuck in my head. Now don't get me wrong, I know that's exactly what advertisers want from you, but most of the time I can't remember the product just the jingle. And as of recently, I've started critiquing the commercials unconsciously. I see little things here and there that absolutely eat at me! Let's start with the new #Trojan commercials. The couple's new apartment.....I literally can't stand the face the girl makes as she's walking away from the guy and they way her arms move look so unnatural. I know it sounds like I'm nit picking but I cant stand it! Then when they are laying down on the bed his shirt is on at the beginning, off when she's running the bottle around his neck, and then back on again!! Seriously watch closely, his gray shirt appears, disappears, then reappears! Next up the new /#Ford commercials. I get that they are trying to make it out to be a Summer BlockBuster sale, but the fake movie pitch drives me crazy. Its cheezy and really unrelatable to the cars themselves. The vampire boyfriend is stupid. It really makes me wonder if Ford has teenagers running their marketing. Now on to the less realistic commercials. Take the #Kindle commercial. The camera focuses on different views of people reading their Kindles in a beach setting. The one shot that really bugs me is the one of the lady's feet sitting on the log as the tide comes in. First of all, who sits on a log (or drift wood) in a swimsuit? Talk about a pain in the ass. You would assume a swimsuit since every person in the commercial has one on. Or at least that's where my mind went. Secondly I have been to the beach many times in my day, and I could never read my tablet with all that sun. Plus I was so worried about getting sand in it somehow. I may sound a little neurotic by now and for that I apologize, I just get so caught up in finding faults with the commercials that irritate me the most!!! Not only do I really hate commercials with songs in them, I find it completely distracts me from retaining product information! What happened to the old fashion jingles that had the product's name in it. For example, "Call us, at the Depot, Insurance depot!!" I remember that one vividly. Or "Call 1-800-STEAMER, Stanley Steamer keeps your home cleaner!" Those commercials actually influenced me to purchase services. Because I could remember what they were selling. Now if you aren't from Texas then I am sure you have not seen any of the commercials I mentioned, and for that my bad. I just can't handle some of the car commercials today. They play obnoxious songs that stick painfully in my brain...."If you could look in to my eyes, under the moon light, the serious moonlight.." OMG! I hate hate hate it! Lol. I should be in advertising! I am quite sure that is hard to produce never been done before ads, but where are their focus groups to tell them its a bad idea!! I don't know. And the cash advance commercials completely tick me off. Why is Montel Williams selling /#MoneyMutual. It just doesn't make sense to me. This post is a complete rant. I can't be the only one who sees how obnoxious commercials today are. But then again, the whole point of advertising is to get us talking. Well, I guess they did what they were supposed to.